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DBleach Chlorinated Bleach 5L

McClean – D-BLEACH Chlorinated Bleach 4.5%

  • D-BLEACH is a chlorine based solution.
  • It cleans and eliminates bacteria in one easy operation.
  • Great for removing stubborn stains and disinfecting food preparation areas.
  • Excellent for whitening whites and disinfecting the wash.
  • Ideal for cleaning and sterilizing bottles and teats.
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Appearance A clear yellow liquid with typical odour
pH Mild alkaline
Code No CDP4339
Capacity 5 litres
Number per carton 4 bottles

Bathroom: To remove stubborn stains, disinfect and deodorize the bath, basin, floor, shower recess, tiles, grouting and all other hard surfaces. Wash the area, then wipe with a cloth dipped in a solution containing 20ml of D-BLEACH per litre of water.

Kitchens: It should be used with care on aluminum and silver as they may discolour.

Laundry: Just add 100ml to the wash water prior to adding the clothes. If not, premix 100ml of D-BLEACH into a litre of water and add to the machine. NEVER use on drip-dry materials, non-iron cottons, silk, woolens, rayon and acetate.

Mould and Moss: It will also kill green moss found growing in damp areas. Mix D-BLEACH with an equal amount of water and spray onto mould or moss.


Oxidizing product, handle with care.

Please refer to SDS for health and safety information.