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FloraMist Cleaner Disinfectant Deodorizer 5L

McClean – FloraMist Cleaner / Disinfectant / Deodorizer

  • FloraMist is an extremely effective multi-purpose product that cleans, disinfects and deodorizes offensive odours.
  • Saves time, it does the job in one easy operation.
  • Powerful quaternary biocides which kills bacteria that cause malodours.
  • Versatile and safe to use on all washable surfaces.
  • Long lasting residual fragrance effect.
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Active ingredients Quaternary Ammonium Compound and Polyhexamethylene Biguanide
Appearance A clear yellow liquid with Cherry Fruity fragrance.
Efficacy Bactericidal against a broad spectrum of gram-positive and gram-negative micro-organisms
pH Neutral
Code No CDP4338
Capacity 5 litres
Number per carton 4 bottles

For cleaning and disinfecting, mix 1 part with 50 parts of water. Swab or mop onto the surface to be cleaned. Remove any excess water and allow to air dry.

For air deodorizing, mix 1 to 5 parts of water and mist it through a Sprayer.

PrecautionsPlease refer to SDS for health and safety information.