Scent Fresh – Parfum Room Spray

  • Scent-Fresh is a perfume spray designed for ambiance scenting.
  • It uplifts surrounding environment with fragrances that are infused with essential oils extract.
  • Each spray gives off an instant burst of lingering freshness.
  • It is also an excellent freshener for bed linens, towels and other fabrics and textiles.
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Fragrance Choice
Lemongrass CDS4410-500ML Soothing scent of familiar lemongrass. with a touch of ginger notes.
Green Tea Bergamot CDS4411-500ML A soothing green tea essence infused with bergamot.
Green Rose CDS4412-500ML A gracious floral green with leafy notes, jasmine and roses wrapped in musky elements.
White Tea CDS4414-500ML Calming white tea combined with the soothing elements of woody cedar, vanilla and musk.
Green Tea CDS4416-500ML Classic green tea infused with a touch of citrus for a gentle, yet elegant scent.
Grasse Dew CDS4418-500ML Earthy base of fresh grass with aquatic green notes.
Code No CDSXXX-500ML
Capacity 500ml
Number per carton 6 bottles
Apply by Sprayer. Simply mist upwards into the air and surrounding.

Recommended use

Room Scenting:
– Simply mists into the air and surrounding.
– To maintain freshness, mist every 3-4 hours and repeat as necessary.

Fabrics Freshening:
– Do not apply directly to surfaces. – Hold Sprayer at a distance
and lightly mist over and around.


Combustible product, handle with care. This product is to be used for intended purpose only. Keep out of reach of children. Please refer to SDS for health and safety information.