Expand your business with ambient scent marketing
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Expand your business with ambient scent marketing


Also known as olfactory marketing, or fragrance marketing, it is a stimulation technique that is able to create a lasting impression and transmit values by taking advantage of our sense of smell.
Ambient air scenting is about creating an emotional appeal to your location, something that’s distinctive and will be remembered in a positive way.
From that definition, it is easy to see how it can benefit retail and commercial premises, but it can do much more than that.

Ideal Mood & Atmosphere sorted by industries

Halls: Pleasant, Peaceful, Luxurious.
Offices, Conference Halls: Invigorating, Increasing focus.
Retail: In line with sold merchandise, Appealing to target audience.
Reception Area: Welcoming

Wellness & Recreation
Beauty Parlours and Spa: Relaxing, Calming, Transporting.
Theatres, KTV: Evoing imagery of sold merchandise, Compelling.
Gym & Fitness Centres: Welcoming, Invigorating, High Endurance

Café, Restaurants, Snack Bars: Evoking imagery of sold Food.
Supermakets: Evoking imagery of sold merchandise, Appealing to target audience.

Pet Shops, Aquariums: Welcoming, Neutralising unpleasant smells.
Hospitals and Nursing Homes: Welcoming, Calming, Neutralizing unpleasant smells.


It consists of diffusing a pleasant fragrance throughout a commercial space that will appeal to a specifically designated market segment. It aims at making the space smell pleasant, but also affects consumer experience; increase sales by increasing traffic; encourage guest loyalty; store “dwell-time” and ultimately, develop brand awareness.
A given aroma has the power to suggest positive memories, which in turn motivates purchasing decisions.
Rachel Herz from Brown University and Haruko Sugiyama and colleagues from the Kao Corporation in Japan collaborated on a study in 2015 entitled: Proustian Products Are Preferred: The Relationship Between Odor-Evoked Memory and Product Evaluation. What was identified in this study is the influence a scent can have on the appeal of a specific product based on the memories it evokes.


In short, the sense of smell is directly connected to the zone of the brain responsible for the formation, storage and retrieval of memories, as well as for the regulation of emotions. This zone is called the limbic system.

The effect of any scent is instantaneous; it goes directly to the part of the brain which controls emotions to trigger vivid memories.
At least 35% of what we recall about an environment in the short term is scent-based.


Air Scenting Marketing is relatively identical to Air Freshening business, we just bring it up a notch by introducing a new dimension into the equation, branding.
Air Scenting business is a great growth opportunity.
1- Scenting Marketing is a seriously booming business, it is part of the global fragrance market which by 2024 is estimated to be worth many billions.
2- It’s an investment with a quick potential for great returns and highly profitable.


Meet our MAS701-Air Scenting Diffuser
• It uses nebulizing technology to diffuse an ultra-fine dry mist, the fragrances keep all their original properties.
• Can scent up to 300m3 and stay in suspension longer without the use of any VOC.
• It’s easy to program, you can customize the perfume’s intensity, hours and days of operation for the best results.
• It can be connected to the Air Conditioning System or be used independently.
Give it a try.
Sales Kit is available.

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