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Maxshield Anti Bacterial Foam Wash Cartridge 500ml

MaxShield – Anti-Bacterial Foam Wash 500ml

  • An all in one deep cleansing shower foam that offers maximum germ protection while providing your skin with delicate care.
  • Daily use to stop the spread of germs and eliminates cross infection.
  • Gentle formula that keep skin soft, supple & hygienically clean.
  • Skin friendly, safe for frequent uses.
  • Pleasantly scented.
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Appearance A clear liquid with pleasant fragrance
pH Neutral
Active Ingredients Chlorhexidine Gluconate (0.5%)
Efficacy Eliminates 99.99% of germs Tested in accordance to European Standard for Chemical Disinfectants and Antiseptics, BSEN 1040:2005
Packing 6 cartridges per carton
Reorder Number CDR4905-500ML-A

Directions of Use

To be used in Duprex Dispenser.
Wet skin and apply. Rub briskly to generate a rich lather.
Rinse off thoroughly with water..

Areas of Use

Suitable for use in Hospital, Schools, Nursing Homes, Day Care Centre, etc.


This product is to be used for intended purpose only. Handle with care and keep out of reach of children.