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NeuOven Hot Plate Cleaner 5L

McClean – NeuOven Hot Plate Cleaner 5LT

  • Uniquely formulated to remove bake-on deposits of oil and fat stains from ovens, grillers and other kitchen utensils.
  • Efficient, easily removes burnt-on deposits.
  • Powerful, takes less time to clean.
  • Safe, does not contain volatile compounds.
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Appearance A clear brown liquid with typical odour
pH Alkaline
Code No CDP6750
Capacity 5 litres
Number per carton 4 bottles

Use in cold or warm equipment not exceeding 70°C.

Apply by spraying or wiping onto surfaces. Allow it to penetrate for 5 – 15 minutes, brushing if necessary. Then rinse thoroughly with water.

For Ovens and surfaces with bake-on fats, grease and carbon, use neat.

For Grills and Steak platters, dilute 1 part to 2 parts of water.

For fryer, use at a dilution rate of 1:15 with water.

Contain caustic, handle with care. Please refer to SDS for health and safety information.