Orange Punch Air Freshener 2.5LT 500mlCheerie Air Freshener and Sanitation
Orange Punch Air Freshener

Cheerie – Orange-Punch Air Freshener

  • Orange-Punch is a water-based, perfumed air deodorant that leaves a lingering freshness of Orange Burst scent from each spray.
  • Instant relief to give a lasting freshness of Orange Burst.
  • Quaternary biocide to remove airborne bacteria.
  • Safe to use on all surroundings except food preparation areas.
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Appearance A clear liquid with freshness Orange Burst fragrance
pH Neutral
Code No CDS4422-500ML
Capacity 500ml
Number per carton 6 bottles

Apply by Sprayer. Simply mist upwards into the air and surrounding.

Areas of use

Ideal to deodorize air in Hotel Rooms, Offices, Buses, Theatres, Retail Shops and Washrooms.


This product is to be used for intended purpose only. Handle with care and keep out of reach of children. Please refer to SDS for health and safety information.