uniscreen resizedCheerie Air Freshener and Sanitation
Uniscreen Enzymatic and Fragranced Urinal Screens

Cheerie – UniScreen Enzymatic and Fragranced Urinal Screen

  • Fragranced and deodorizing screen which keeps the urinals refreshed and clean.
  • Incorporated with enzymes that naturally eliminate odours while preventing lime scale deposits into the drains.
  • Transparent and flexible design with protrusions allows view of urinal drain, reduces splash back, and prevents solid waste from clogging the pipes.
  • Universal size which fits any urinals.
  • Efficient on both waterless urinals and urinals equipped with a flushing system.
  • Slow release of active ingredients to last up to 30 days.
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Mountain BreezeLight BlueCode No. CDS5022A pure freshness fragrance of red apples

Material Vinyl Incorporated
Weight Per Piece 36 grams
Dimension 170mm (Diameter)
Fragrance Choice: Colour:
Green Lime Green Code No. CDS5011 A refreshing and energising blend of green lemon and acidulous lime
Mint Tea Blue Code No. CDS5012 An empowering fragrance with earthy and woody notes of spearmint
Peach Orchard Pink Code No. CDS5013 A tangy aroma of fleshy and sweet white peaches freshly picked from the trees
Citrus Mango Orange Code No. CDS5020 A vibrant mix of limes, lemons and sweet mangoes
Passion Fruits Purple Code No. CDS5021 An exotic mix of tropical fruits supported by warm spices

Number per carton12 x 12 pieces

Code No CDS501X
Carton weight 8 Kg (Gross Weight)
Carton size 552mm (L) x 370mm (W) x 210mm (H)