NuFeel Skincare and Hand Soap
Ecosoap Green Certified Soap

NuFeel – EcoSoap Green Certified Body Wash 2.5LT

  • EcoSoap Green Certified Body Wash is an eco-friendly, delicate and luxurious perfumed shower gel for hair and body cleansing
  • Made from vegetable derived surfactants, it cleans and moisturizes the skin, leaving a
    fresh and silky feel.
  • Neutral pH, it is suitable to most skin conditions.
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Appearance A clear viscous solution with pleasant lush floral scent
pH Neutral


Reorder Number CDP4035
Capacity 5 litres
No. per carton 4 bottles

Use in Refillable Soap Dispenser.
Dispense a small amount and apply. Lather well and rinse off thoroughly.

Areas of Use

Ideal for all shower areas in sports and gym centres, recreation and country clubs, hotels and resorts.