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NuFeel – Supreme Hair Conditioning Hair Shampoo ~ Pearly Gold 2.5LT

  • Supreme Hair is a perfumed, gentle conditioning shampoo for hair washing.
  • Formulated with botanically derived surfactants, it nourishes, protects and repairs the hair.
  • Neutral pH balanced ensures it is suitable for most types of hair.
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Appearance Golden Pearly Viscous Lotion
Odour Pleasant Fragrance
pH Neutral


Reorder Number CDP4022
Capacity 5 litres
No. per carton 4 bottles

Use in Refillable Soap Dispenser Dispense a small amount and apply to hair. Lather well and rinse off thoroughly.

Areas of Use
Ideal for all shower areas in sports and gym centres, recreation and country clubs, hotels and resorts.